Giulietta Gear Lever Knob 'Sportiva Lucido Rosso S'

Giulietta Gear Lever Knob Sportiva Lucido Rosso S
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Products description

Unique gear lever knob made of massive aluminium.
High gloss polished finish with a red center ring.
The gear lever knob will be delivered in a gift box.
Delivery including a specially made adapter for the Giulietta gear lever.
Not suitable for TCT gearboxes.

diameter about 50 mm,height about 50 mm.

Variant 1:
for all Giuliettas produced until the 5th of June 2012

Variant 2:
for all Giuliettas produced after the 5th of June 2012

The day of production and the day of the first immatriculation might not necessarily be in the same month.
Please provide the VIN (ZAR9400000...) if you are not sure about the real age of your Giulietta.
We can then check which variant you will need for your Giulietta.
Please choose the version
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