Certificates and TÜV

Certificates for roadworthiness are not required outside of Germany and Austria, this is the reason why there are no translations and/or explanations for them.

In Germany, Austria and in some cases also in Switzerland all styling and tuning parts need a certification by the TÜV, otherwise you will driving illegally around with your Alfa. The legal constraints are very strong and the certificates are very expensive for the manufacturer. Not all parts carry the needed certification, in Germany and Austria is this illegal! These parts are either used for motorsport or they can be certified, this will set you a couple of hundred Euros back.

What I have written here applies mainly to Germany and Austria, it can also apply to Switzerland! Please note: This has no legal repercussions for those in the English speaking countries.

What has to be certified
According to the STVZO (German traffic regulations) every change on a vehicle has to be checked and certified by a state examiner (in this case TÜV/DEKRA - equivelent to the MOT Ministry of Transport and regulations in GB). This is the case for following articles out of our shop:
Everything to do with the chassis, spoilers, skirts and the such like, changes to the brake system including the hoses, changes to the motor, chip tuning, open air filters, bore size, etc.

What is free of certification
All articles that carry a EG Certification do not need to be recertified by the TÜV or DEKRA. These parts have an E or e number either moulded into it, stamped into it or has a sticker on it. These include exhaust systems, mirrors, side blinkers and rear lights. The following articles are also in this category:
Shock absorbers, sport air filters, strutbar, gearknobs, handbrakelevers, Steelwings etc.

If you require more information we will help you out. As has already been mentioned, for those of you in the rest of the world, there is no need for you to worry at all, the TÜV or DEKRA have no jurisdiction where you live.
When you should have a question, please send us a email or use the Forum, we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.