Petronas Tutela Paraflu 11 Coolant Concentrate - Blue

Petronas Tutela Paraflu 11 Coolant Concentrate - Blue
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Products description

1 litre (35.19 fl.oz.) coolant concentrate Tutela Paraflu 11
Colour: blue

Concentrated coolant on the base of ethylene glycol.
Paraflu 11 is suitable for cooling systems of water cooled passenger cars, delivery vans, commercial vehicles, busses and tractors.
Paraflu 11 is mixed with 50% of (preferably purified) water and garantuees:
  • Protection from depositions, cavitation, all kinds of corrosion and foam formation
  • Secure reduction of the freezing point (-40°C when mixed 1:1)
  • Increased boiling point with optimal heat transfer (+110°C)
  • Best compatibility with elastomers and plastics
It is recommend to follow the (car) manufacturers recommendations.
When topping up the coolant level assure that the product has to be mixed with 50% of (preferably purified) water.

Technical data / recommendations:
Fiat 9.55523 C.T.R. N° I002.C00, ASTM D 6210 Type 1-FF, CUNA NC 956-16, Chrysler MS 7170
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