Petronas Tutela Transmission Hypoide Gear Oil

Petronas Tutela Transmission Hypoide Gear Oil
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Products description

1 litre (35.19 fl.oz.) oil Petronas Transmission Hypoide Gear Oil

For the front axle differential of all all-wheel-drive Giulias and Stelvios

Synthetic hypoid gear oil specially developped for the use in front axles of AWD systems.
  • high fuel saving characteristics
  • excellent low temperature fluidity
  • high wear protection
  • excellent thermal and oxidative stability
Technical data
SAE 75W80, API GL5

Alfa Romeo's recommendation for the following cars:
  • Giulia Q4/ Stelvio Q4 / Stelvio Q
    necessary quantity for one oil service about 0,5 litres
The aggregates will no longer need a regular oil service if you believe Alfa Romeo's maintenance plan.
The oil which is filled into the aggregates during the production of the car is considered to be a "lifetime filling".
Nevertheless it is recommended to replace the oil after about every 100.000 km to remove all the abrasion which accrues during normal use.
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