Ragazzon H2-Line Stainless Steel Rear Pipe

Print product data sheetRagazzon H2-Line Stainless Steel Rear Pipe
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Product No.: 32320-32329_32385/86
from 379,00 EUR
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Ragazzon H2-Line Stainless Steel Rear Pipe
Ragazzon H2-Line Stainless Steel Rear Pipe
Ragazzon H2-Line Stainless Steel Rear Pipe
Ragazzon H2-Line Stainless Steel Rear Pipe

Suitable for all Alfa Giuliettas
Ragazzon stainless steel rear pipe
8 different tailpipe designs are available

We recommend to mount this rear pipe in combination with the original centre silencer and not in combination with a centre pipe since the Giulietta will otherwise be too loud.
The sound intensity of this pipe can be compared to a 147 GTA, 156 GTA or GT V6, which is equipped with a Ragazzon rear silencer and a Ragazzon centre pipe.

The H2 rear pipe is specially designed for customers who like their Giulietta to be a little louder. Nethertheless you will not wake up your neighbours when you start your Giulietta in the morning - the exhaust will only be really loud when the engine is running under load.
The H2 rear pipe produces a deep tone, the typical booming sound which is common with cars which are running without silencers is not that distinctly since to original centre silencer can remain in the car.
Not street-legal in most European countries.

Variant 1
90 mm Classic tailpipes

Variant 2
90 mm Racing tailpipes

Variant 3
102 mm Classic tailpipes

Variant 4
102 mm Racing tailpipes

Variant 5
102 mm DoubleShot tailpipes

Variante 6
2x80 mm Classic tailpipes for Novitec or Cadamuro rear bumper spoiler

Variant 7
102 mm Racing Nero tailpipes (matt black painted tailpipes)

Variant 8
100 mm CarbonShot tailpipes (real carbon, matt surface without clear varnish)

Please choose the engine type: 
1.4 TB (Turbo)
1.8 TBi (Turbo)
1.6 JTDM
2.0 JTDM

Please choose the version: 
Variant 1
Variant 2 - surcharge 30,00 EUR = 409,00 EUR
Variant 3 - surcharge 20,00 EUR = 399,00 EUR
Variant 4 - surcharge 55,00 EUR = 434,00 EUR
Variant 5 - surcharge 145,00 EUR = 524,00 EUR
Variant 6 - surcharge 125,00 EUR = 504,00 EUR
Variant 7 - surcharge 140,00 EUR = 519,00 EUR
Variant 8 - surcharge 245,00 EUR = 624,00 EUR


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Customer reviews:
Author: Jonathan H.  -  11.06.2018

Facile à installer et de bonne qualité.
Mis sur une Giulietta 1.4 TB multiair de 170CV, en laissant le reste d'origine, suffit amplement pour avoir un son sympathique et bien plus sportif !
et surtout reste agréable a conduire sur de longs trajet sur autoroute car pas trop bruyant, je recommande.
merci Ragazzon pour ce travail

Author: Thomas M.  -  15.04.2018

Facile à monter et complet (deuxième fixation fourni), convient parfaitement à une monte pour avoir une double sortie au lieu d'une seule, utilisation sur 1.4TB (son ronronnant sans être excessif vers 3000tr/mn) je recommande fortement

Author: Kohn J.  -  04.04.2018

(20.09.2016) Finition nickel ! Utilisation sur 1.6 JTDM le son légèrement plus ronronnant,Livraison toujours dans les délais et bien protégé. Facile à démonter/remonter.

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