Brembo Brake System 330x32

Brembo Brake System 330x32
Brembo Brake System 330x32
Brembo Brake System 330x32
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For all Alfa Spider/GTV series 916 3.0 V6 24V / 3.2 V6 24V with a factory-fitted 305 mm-brake system.
Complete set with all essential parts for the front axle to upgrade the brake system to 330 mm brake discs:
- Brembo 4 piston brake calipers,
- anodised aluminium brackets,
- Brembo GT Sport drilled, one piece ventilated 330 x 32 mm brake discs (optionally also available with drilled HC discs,
- Brembo High Performance (road spec) brake pads,
- braided stainless steel PFTE brake pipes.

Requires 8 x 17" or larger rims!

The advantages:
  • Greater braking power through larger pistons.
  • Improved response characteristic.
  • Discs with longer live due to the special casting and tempering treatment and due to the high-tech brake cooling system.
  • The loss of performance due to fading and heat is kept to a minimum.
  • Cracks are kept to a minimum because the holes are cast and not drilled.
  • Optimal braking in rainy conditions, thanks to the perforated discs.
  • More braking performance thanks to the larger pad surface.
  • Optimal hot and cold performance through optimal material.
  • More brake pressure thanks to the stainless steel PFTE brake pipes with a teflon core.

Variant 1:
incl. high carbon Brembo sport discs.

Variant 2:
incl. high carbon Brembo sport discs with holes (drilled).
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