Lambda-Faker / AFR-Faker

Lambda-Faker / AFR-Faker
Lambda-Faker / AFR-Faker
Lambda-Faker / AFR-Faker
Lambda-Faker / AFR-Faker
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Products description

The lambda-faker (AFR-faker) is a miniature catalyst which will be screwed into the exhaust's thread for the oxygen sensor.
The oxygen sensor is than screwed into the thread of the lambda-faker.
The oxygen sensor then measures clean exhaust gasses and sends a correct signal to the engine's ECU.
This faker works in cars with EURO 4 emission standards or older, it usually does not work on EURO 5 or newer emission standard cars.

Application range:
1. Removal of the catalyst to increase the engine's power output for racing
The catalyst can be removed completely. It will then be replaced by a special pipe (we offer such catalyst replacement pipes for many models). Most modern cars (with EURO 3 emission standards or better) would notice the missing catalyst and would only run the engine in the ECU's emergency mode. Until now it has been necessary to modify the oxygen sensors's signal either by using an expensive and difficult to install tool (a so called electronic lambda-faker) or a special spacer sleeve for the oxygen sensor which often proved to be unreliable.
This miniature catalyst is very reliable, cheap and most of all easy to install.

2. Use of a sports catalyst
It may happen from time to time that the engine's ECU may notice a mistake and light the little yellow control in the dashboard when using a sports catalyst which is often mounted in combination with a chip tuning or an additional ECU. Alfas with a DNA-switch will then only run in the N-mode and will not deliver full power. This lambda-faker will solve this problem.
Please note that a function control of the catalyst is no longer possible.

This faker should only be used for so called small-band oxygen sensors (also known as control sensor). It will also work with wide-band oxygen sensors but it is not suitable for this kind of oxygen sensor since a wide-band oxygen sensor usually delivers important data to the ECU (it needs to adjust the air/fuel ratio).

Variant 1
Straight version (attention: there has to be enough room to mount the faker and the sensor)
Length: 65 mm / head length (of the extension): 37 mm

Variant 2
Angled version (important: please note the mounting instructions!)
Please choose the version
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Customer reviews:

 am 03/05/2018     Evaluation:

Makes fitting a very good exhaust system a lot easier, very happy.


 am 16/11/2015     Evaluation:

Very happy with both the product and very prompt service as usual with this compony, very highly recomended.