Bilstein Gas Pressure Sports Shock Absorber - Rear Axle

Bilstein Gas Pressure Sports Shock Absorber - Rear Axle
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Sport shock absorber for all Alfa 159, Alfa Brera and Alfa Spider 939 (rear axle).
15-20% tauter than OEM shock absorbers (without loosing too much comfort).
The "B6 Sport" version is intended for cars without lowering (or lowering up to 30 mm).
The "B8 Sprint" version has shortened piston rods and is intended for cars with a lowering of 30-60 mm. Lower doesn't automatically mean better. Not the appearance of the car determines its quality but the optimal tuning of suspension, springs and shock absorbers. With this in mind Bilstein has specially developed the B8 Sprint for cars with lowered bodies.
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 am 09/09/2009     Evaluation:

i bought this B6 front and back togther with eibach springs... not much difference from stock, now been 5 mths... need to change to a not so soft set for those turns