Novitec Powerjet 4C

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Novitec Powerjet 4C
Novitec Powerjet 4C
Novitec Powerjet 4C

Novitec Powerjet 4 additional ECU for the Alfa Romeo 4C (960/961). Not for Launch Edition (LE) models!

Just plug in, no soldering required. Even laymen can easily install or remove the Powerjet.
There are 4 plugs of the engine's original wiring harness which have to be connected to the Y-cables, on the wiring harness of the Powerjet 4C.

The additional control unit affects the original engine control unit by means of a multi channel technology without changing the original map on the controller.
The special feature of this box are the tuning benefits, like plenty of torque 390 N m at 3,735 RPM, compared to 342 N m at 2,865 RPM in the series model, and is perfectly suited for road use.

We recommend you use Super Plus petrol with minimum 98 or 100 octane ROZ (92-93 AKI) to exploit the full performance potential of the 4C.

Details at a glance:
  • Microprocessor based multi channel real time data processing
  • The original runflat and protection programmes will continue to work without restriction
  • No intervention in the original engine control unit! Remembers the original map and all parameters
  • Installed in 10 minutes and just as fast again removed
  • Only moulded automotive connectors are used, and are therefore waterproof & sealed within a plastic housing.

We expressly point out that the increase in performance of an engine can lead to increased wear. There are power reserves of the motor which can be used, the manufacturer has planned these for safety reasons. This applies to any type of engine tuning, whether chip tuning or otherwise.

Just try it out:
Order, install, test extensively in your own 4C for 3 weeks and return if you are not satisfied.
If you are not satisfied, there is of course a full money refund!

WARNING! Strongly addictive! ;)

The bypass plug, which is available as an optional item, can be connected to the Powerjet's cable harness instead of the black ECU box. It allows you to drive your 4C with the factory set-up without removing the Powerjet's cable harness from the engine.

Differences between Powerjet 4C and PowerECU
The Novitec Powerjet is a multi channel real time control unit that affects the original map. The original control unit remains as it is, and the power values ​​of the Alfa 4C will be modified by the individually tailored Powerjet.
The Novitec Powerjet has proven successful in over 1,000 Alfa and Fiat models since 2008. After the individual tuning of the 4C Powerjet , it was first tested extensively in a long term test at selected dealer customers, successfully, for durability and wear before it was released for the Alfa 4C engine.
After installation of the Powerjet your 4C feels like another car, the driving values are clearly better and the cost / benefit ratio is unbeatable.
Just test it once, without any obligation, it´s worth it :)

The PowerECU is a new OEM Alfa Romeo 4C engine control unit (ECU) with an individually tailored map.
It is replaced with the original controller, and the conversion of the 4C controller is done within 5 minutes. And it may at any time be just as quickly returned back to the original controller. To convert you only require one ratchet with 10mm nut (a 10mm spanner will also do the job).
The PowerECU Chiptuning can coordinate and optimize the mapping better than it is possible with the Powerjet.
Therefore, the performance with the PowerECU are also a little better, which is particularly noticeable in motorsport and at high speeds.
The PowerECU NT1 at the lowest level accelerates the Alfa 4C from 0-200 km/h in under 14 seconds.
Comparison values ​​(according to a large car magazine AutoBild):
Porsche 911 Carrera S = 14.9 sec / Chevrolet Corvette Stingray LT1 = 14.4 sec / Lotus Exige S = 14.3 sec

The PowerECU is available in different power levels and designs. Please contact us for details: +49 4561 525310

additional options: 
without additional option
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