Alfa 4C Laptime Intercooler

Alfa 4C Laptime Intercooler
Alfa 4C Laptime Intercooler
Alfa 4C Laptime Intercooler
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Product: 38506
Model: Alfa 4C

Products description

High-end full-aluminium intercooler for all Alfa 4C and 4C Spider.
With 89 mm thick high performance core made by Garret - significantly more efficient than the OE intercooler.
Core size: 45,7 x 20,3 x 8,9 cm (in comparison the dimensions of the OE core are: 47,5 x 19,0 x 6,4 cm).
Completely welded.
It therefor resists higher boost pressures than the OE intercooler (which has plastic tanks) which tends to leak when used in cars with power-tuned engine.
In addition this intercooler is immune against high air temperatures - the plastic parts of the OE intercooler might melt when the going gets tough in power-tuned 4Cs (which might lead to a broken turbocompressor as consequential damage).

This intercooler can be used with non-tuned and tuned engines.

It will be mounted on the same mounting points as the OE intercooler. The OE turbo rubber pipes can be re-used.
Weight: 6,88 kg.
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