Ragazzon Rear Silencer alfisti.net Edition 115x70

Print product data sheetRagazzon Rear Silencer alfisti.net Edition 115x70
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Ragazzon Rear Silencer alfisti.net Edition 115x70

For all Alfa 156 (not GTA).
Ragazzon stainless steel rear silencer with 115x70 mm tailpipe.
Incl. EEC-certification.

Customer reviews:
Author: Claudio Herrera Ordenes  -  30.03.2015

Easy to fit, you\'ll have problems with the original retainer if it\'s rusted or corroded. An extra pair of hands will be helpful.

Excellent quality, produces a deep bass sound at idle, and preserves the unique sound of my 156 2.5 V6. At high rpms, it complements the engine sound with a muscular, racy tone!!

Maybe the best upgrade I have done to my 156. Now, looking forward to do the same to my Giulietta QV.

Author: Jörgen Entoft  -  05.11.2013

Super quality paired with super sound, low, potent, avesome!
One of the best motor parts I bought ever! Delivered within two days to Sweden...

Author: Artem Senkovskiy  -  18.03.2012

Amaizing sound on my AR156 v6 \'99. With middle Ragazzon silincer it sounds like this:

Author: Dave Meagher  -  23.08.2008

Good points. Very nicely made. Very easy to fit. Looks great.

Bad points. Fouls the rear anti roll bar and makes a very annoying rattle - easily fixed with some exhaust wrap (or similar). Very quiet. Only a VERY subtle increase in exhaust note. Would probably suit most people but i was hoping it would be a bit louder/more impressive. Only slightly louder than standard exhaust.

Author: Jason Cahill  -  16.08.2005

What can I say... very very nice!

The good points:
Very easy to fit... comes with adapter for fitting to standard centre pipe and new clamp (better than the standard one)
Looks great & sounds awesome!
The oval pipe fits the 156 exhaust cutout perfectly... just like it was made for it ;)

The only think I can say against this is that the welds were quite black when the box arrived but they shined right up with a little metal polish.

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