Novitec Side Indicator Set - Series I

Novitec Side Indicator Set - Series I
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6,50 EUR per piece
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Product: 51050-51049
Model: Alfa 147

Products description

For Alfa 147 until 11/2004 (series I) and all Alfa GT and Alfa MiTo.
Available in black and white (transparent).
Incl. EEC-certificate and light bulbs.
Please choose the color
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Customer reviews:

Author:  am 01/08/2019     Evaluation:

Very Nice and easy install. Looks good!

Author:  am 06/01/2016     Evaluation:

Easy to apply.
Looks awesome.
Do not forget: when you order you will get 2 orange light bulbs with it, I thought this wasn't so selected that I needed 2 orange bulbs.
Now I have 4 orange light bulbs, so 2 spare.

Author:  am 18/02/2009     Evaluation:

Very easy to set up. Nice!