Ragazzon on a Alfa GT

There are different ways to mount the Ragazzon double rear silencer on your Alfa GT:
  • Without modification:
    Not recommendable, the right side tailpipe is then hanging to deep. Mounting time about 30-60 minutes.

  • With small modifications to the rear panel in the area of the the tow hook thread:
    You can then still use the tow hook. This is not the best solution concerning the optics. We recommend the 2x80 mm endpipes in this case because these endpipes obscure the rear panel then.
    Mounting time about 2-3 hours

    The part of the rear panel below the tow hook thread has to be cut out as shown on the photo

    This picture shows a 128x80mm endpipe
    Optionally you can mount some kind of mesh in the hole.

  • Beautiful and very reasonable:
    Remove the complete unit for the tow hook. Mounting time about 3-5 hours.

    The complete unit for the tow hook was removed

    At a GT with a darker color the spare wheel mould will take no attract attention, a GT with a brighter colour you will see a little bit from the spare wheel mould.

  • Ideal:
    Cut out the rear panel as shown in the first photo. It looks all the better with a different ("sports") rear bumper or a rear bumper spoiler which does not have such big tailpipe openings.

    Cadamuro rear bumper

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