3 in 1 First Aid Kit

3 in 1 First Aid Kit
3 in 1 First Aid Kit
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3 in 1 combi first aid kit.
Consits of:
  • first aid kit (according to German DIN 13164),
  • foldable and therfor space-saving Euro warning triangle (according to ECE E11),
  • orange, reflecting warning vest (according to ECE E471) .
Packed in a useful Nylon-bag with zip fastener and a velcro® fastener strip on the back side.
Due to the velcro® fastener strip, this first aid kit will not tumble around in the boot when you accelerate hard.

When did you check your car's first aid kit for the last time?
Most of the kits have passed their use-by-date for years and should be replaced because the band aid does not glue anymore and the aseptic gauze is no longer sterile.

A reflecting warning vest has meanwhile become compulsory in many European countries.
Time to upgrade your first aid equipment!
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Customer reviews:

Author:  am 11/05/2019     Evaluation:

The best!

Author:  am 27/12/2017     Evaluation:

I am very satisfied with this first aid kit, perfectly fits and looks at my Alfa Romeo 159 ti :)

Author:  am 14/09/2017     Evaluation:

A nice addition in the boot compartment of my 4C.

Author:  am 15/05/2015     Evaluation:

wonderful kit it compliments the Alfa perfectly

Author:  am 24/11/2013     Evaluation:

Beautiful Red (Rosso) aid kit! It\'s a really cool and stylish first aid kit for your Alfa