CSC Catalyst Dummy

CSC Catalyst Dummy
CSC Catalyst Dummy
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Product: 31674
Model: Alfa 33

Products description

CSC catalyst dummy / replacement suitable for all Alfa 33 1.3 IE/1.4 IE, 1.5 IE, 1.7 IE 8V (series 907) from 1992 on.
Not suitable für 16V engines and all 4x4 versions.

This dummy is suitable for exhaust systems with an OEM crossover-manifold,
where two of the single pipes coming from the cylinder heads are bent around the oil pan.
The lambda probe ist screwed to the catylst's fron pipe.

Without EEC-certificate, only for track use.
Note: This product is maybe not legal for public road use in your country!
Please ask your authority for details. A certificate/homolgation is not available!
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