Sparco Aluminium Pedal Set 'Reflex'

Sparco Aluminium Pedal Set Reflex
Sparco Aluminium Pedal Set Reflex
Sparco Aluminium Pedal Set Reflex
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Aluminium pedal set made by Sparco.
Incl. rubber nipples.
Being a universal pedal set which fits nearly every car, the mounting requires some patience.
You have to drill holes in the original pedals of your Alfa to mount these Sparco pedals.
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Customer reviews:

Author:  am 14/04/2016     Evaluation:

As others already said, they look great once installed. But a real pain to install them on my 147, clutch pedal is plastic and in order to make them firm and not falling off you need to secure it with a nut from the back side, access to a back side is tricky as you need to remove some metal plate of the clutch pedal, very difficult as the space is tight and under a strange angle. Brake pedal is very easy to fix as it is metal, gas pedal also tricky as the perfect position hits the strong parts of the pedal. But will make it work somehow.

Author:  am 06/01/2016     Evaluation:

Easy to apply on my Alfa 147.
First you need to remove the orginal rubber pedal covers from the pedals.
Then drill 2 screws per pedal in the orginal car pedal.
In the brake pedal of your car, you first need to drill a hole because this pedal is iron.
The other pedals of your car are just plastic.
The screws that are included does not fit for Alfa 147, I used "Parker" screws.

Author:  am 12/10/2009     Evaluation:

Great looks but a pain to install on my 156 V6. Had to get longer screws to fit to pedals with the much needed help of a powered drill. Its a universal kit so not a perfect fit but looks great once installed.

Author:  am 31/08/2007     Evaluation:

Pas simple a installé ce pédalier.Déjà pèrcer le pédalier avec une grosse mèche et en suite vissé comme une brute mais,il faut sarrété à temps pour ne pas foiré la vis dans le plastique.Trés beaux mais trés chiant à poser.

Author:  am 01/06/2005     Evaluation:

I had a couple of problems assembling the pedals, becouse the original pedals is not remoable im my 147, so i had to screw the pedals on them with a different kind of screws. But i am really happy with the result, the look very good and got good grip!