EBC Redstuff Sport Brake Pads - Front

EBC Redstuff Sport Brake Pads - Front
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Product: 44211
Model: Alfa 164

Products description

Redstuff has received many positive critics from performance drivers of faster cars. Redstuff is a truly impressive fast road pad for repeated heavy braking. It emits up to 80 % less dust than semi-metallic pads and has been proven to stop a saloon car up to 13 metres earlier than OEM pads. Redstuff brake pads carry noise reduction shims on the reverse and have brake-in coating on the pad's surface which helps the pads to bed-in quickly after installation and reduce the pad wear during bedding-in. Redstuff brake pads have a friction coefficient of 0.5 and withstand temperatures up to 750°C.

We recommend to mount these brake pads in combination with high-carbon brake discs.
Only suitable for 2.0 V6 TB, 3.0 V6 12V/24V, 2.5 TD with Lucas Girling brake calipers.
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