Black Series PU Bushes Set - Front Axle

Print product data sheetBlack Series PU Bushes Set - Front Axle
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Black Series PU Bushes Set - Front Axle

Black Series PU bushes set for the front suspension
Suitable for all Alfa Romeo Giulia, Bertone, Berlina, Spider and GT Junior Zagato series 105 and 115 until 1993.
The set consists of:
  • 4 polyurethane for the upper wishbones.

Black Series polyurethane (PU) bushes are made of a 95 Shore A compound.
They are about 80 % firmer than OEM rubber bushes and about 25 % firmer than the standard purple PU bushes we offer.

We therefor only recommend the Black Series bushes for cars which are mainly used on a race track - the purple bushes
would be our recommendation for standard and daily road use.

The black bushes allow a more precise alignment of the chassis geometry and therfor improve the handling. Please consider that the black bushes will markedly worsen the ride comfort and will lead to higher stress of the body structure.


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