Ferodo Racing FRF340 Racing Brake Fluid

Ferodo Racing FRF340 Racing Brake Fluid
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0,5 litres (17.59 fl.oz.) brake fluid Ferodo Racing FRF340
Ferodo FRF340 has been specially formulated to provide highest performance under racing conditions where brake systems must operate under very high temperatures.
For best results bleed the system with fresh fluid before every race, especially if the brake will get execessivly hot and / or the conditions are very humid.
FRF340 may not be mixed with other brake fluids to avoid a loss of its outstanding performances.
Not recommended for components made from magnesium or alloys with high magnesium content.
Not suitable for cars which require a mineral based brake fluid (LHM - e.g. Citroën).

Only for the use on race tracks - not suitable for street cars.

Technical data
Typical dry boiling point: 339°C (642°F)
Minimum wet boiling point: 335°C (635°F)

Bleeding a brake system typically requires about 1 litre of brake fluid.
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