Service Kit For ZF Automatic Transmission (Filter/Sump And Oil)

Service Kit For ZF Automatic Transmission (Filter/Sump And Oil)
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Products description

Special ZF service kit for ZF 8-speed automatic transmission for Giulia (952) and Stelvio (949)
  • 2.9 V6 Bi-TB (Quadrifoglio)
The kit contains:
  • oil sump with integrated oil filter and seal
  • a mounting kit consisting of 13 bolts and a new oil filler plug
  • 10x 1 litre of ZF Lifeguard 8 ATF
Automatic transmissions will no longer need a regular oil service if you believe Alfa Romeo's maintenance plan.
The oil which is filled into the transmission during the production of the car is considered to be a "lifetime filling".
Nevertheless it is recommended to replace the oil after about every 100.000 km to remove all the abrasion which accrues during normal use.

The service kits you can buy "of the shelf" from ZF only contain 7 litres of oil. The 8HP75 gearbox is installed by a wide variaty of car makers. 7 litres might be enough for a 8HP75 which uses an oil-water heat exchanger. In case of the Giulia and Stelvio there is no such tiny heat exchanger but a classic, larger size "oil-air" radiator which is mounted in front of the engine radiators. The necessary quantity of oil for a gearbox oil service is therefore "about 9,1 litres" according to Alfa Romeo. We therefore deliver 10 litres of oil with this kit.
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