Ragazzon Stainless Steel Rear Silencer 110x65 Racing

Ragazzon Stainless Steel Rear Silencer 110x65 Racing
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Model: Alfa MiTo

Products description

For all Alfa MiTo.
Ragazzon H2 FlowLine stainless steel rear silencer with oval 110x65 mm tailpipe.
Incl. EEC-certificate.

World novelty:
The H2 - Flow Line silencers are produced with the innovative new and advanced "hydroforming technology".
The muffler body is inflated with water, instead of being welded together as usual.
The H2 Flow Line silencer is more than 1 kg lighter than a standard sports rear silencer.

Please note you engine type with the order!

Variant 1:
1.4 mit 78/95 bhp, 1.4 Multiair mit 105 bhp

Variant 2:
1.4 TB 120 bhp

Variant 3:
1.4 TB 155 bhp, 1.4 Multiair 135/140 bhp, 1.4 QV 170 bhp

Variant 4:
1.3 JTD 90/95 bhp

Variant 5:
1.6 JTD 120 bhp
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Customer reviews:

 am 16/11/2018     Evaluation:

Part of my new custom catback stainless steel exhaust:
"Ragazzon flex pipe
"Ragazzon centre pipe
"Ragazzon H2 flow line rear silencer with oval tip
Love the setup, the sound difference is amazing.