18" Rim Set Misano - Canna di Fucile

18 Rim Set Misano - Canna di Fucile
719,00 EUR
179,75 EUR per piece
incl. VAT excl. Shipping costs
Product: 49197MG x4 + 41520 x16 + 49980 x4 +10184 x4
Model: Alfa MiTo

Products description

4 light alloy wheels in 7,5x18" with offset 35
Colour: canna di fucile (matt graphite)
Incl. German TUEV-certificate

Also suitable for MiTos with 305 mm Brembo brake system
Weight: 12,0 kg
The rims will be delivered with Alfa Romeo badges, (adaption) wheel bolts, centre rings and German TUEV-certificate
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