Wiechers Alfa Giulietta Strut Bar

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Wiechers Alfa Giulietta Strut Bar
Wiechers Alfa Giulietta Strut Bar

Steel strut bar for all* Alfa Giulietta 940
For the front axle

Attention! You will have to drill two holes to mount this strut bar
*For 1.8 TBi QV: the strut brace will have contact with the top plastic cover.
For 1.6 JTDM and 2.0 JTDM: the engine cover will have to be cut or better completely be dismounted to mount the strut brace.


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Customer reviews:
Author: Cotutiu L.  -  02.10.2020

Very good product. This complete change the way car stays in corners. Also i manage to fit it with my mechanic without removing the bumpers and spring, without even open the top mounting screws.

Author: James M.  -  19.07.2017

Fitted to my 1.4 MA (170). It is a good quality item. The brace requires drilling of 1 additional hole on each strut tower, so that the strut bar can be bolted on. To do this, you must access the wheel arch. I had this work completed by a garage at the same time as fitting lowering springs. After fitment, I noted some improvement to turn-in, and you can feel the slight difference through longer cornering, such as tackling a roundabout at above-average speed. On some cars the addition of a strut brace makes a huge difference (like a 156), on others it makes very little noticeable difference. On the Giulietta, I'd say it is noticeable. It's worth weighing up the pros and cons honestly before deciding upon this modification:
- fitting the brace requires some extra work (drilling/bolts/fiddling)
- you are adding additional sprung weight to the front of the car
+ turn-in improves
+ it looks good
+ it is a high-quality item

Author: Igor J.  -  27.11.2015

This is a BIG No-No! Why? Installation isn't easy as they said: "drill two holes and it bolts right in". To install it you have to
remove the shocks and the springs. There is no other way because you can't reach the holes you drilled with the struts in your way.

Author: Danijel Volf  -  22.01.2015

Very nice product. Fits excelent with very little contact with plastic cover from back side. Shipping very fast.

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