Eibach-Bilstein Suspension Kit "Sportiva"

Eibach-Bilstein Suspension Kit Sportiva
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Suspension kit for Alfa Giulietta, consisting of:
  • Eibach ProKit spring kit (lowering by about 30 mm)
  • Bilstein B6 Sport shock absorbers for the front axle and for the rear axle
The ideal combination for the daily use in your Alfa Giulietta: Eibach ProKit springs with progressive and tauter spring characteristic and Bilstein B6 gas pressure monotube sport shock absorbers with 15-20% taughter characteristic than the original shock absorbers.
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Customer reviews:

 am 05/09/2019     Evaluation:

The best pairing for normal street use, with comfort remaining, but feeling more sporty, harder on the chassis. Perfect! Thank you Squadra sportiva!

 am 15/04/2015     Evaluation:

5 stars. This shock and spring kit has bought my QV to life. I honestly can\'t believe the difference this kit has made to every aspect of the handling of the car. The day to day ride quality has even improved. Wow...