Ragazzon Stainless Steel Flap Exhaust System

Print product data sheetRagazzon Stainless Steel Flap Exhaust System
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Ragazzon Stainless Steel Flap Exhaust System
Ragazzon Stainless Steel Flap Exhaust System
Ragazzon Stainless Steel Flap Exhaust System
Ragazzon Stainless Steel Flap Exhaust System
Ragazzon Stainless Steel Flap Exhaust System
Ragazzon Stainless Steel Flap Exhaust System

Ragazzon stainless steel flap exhaust system for all Alfa Giulietta 940
Replaces the factory-mounted centre silencer and rear silencer

The latest generation of vehicles have to undergo more and more stricter regulations (in a lot European countries), this applies to exhaust emissions and fuel economy, but lately also noise!
Many new appliances, such as the catalyst or even the turbocharger can alter the sound of a car, sport exhausts, when allowed, are not as loud as those for cars made in the late 90's.
Because of this trend we have developed, with the aid of Ragazzon, a new sport exhaust system with electro-pneumatical operated flap (shutter) control.
This exhaust can be made louder than a normal sport exhaust at the flip of a switch.
The flap is positioned in front of the centre silencer (which is the only silencer of this exhaust system).
If you open the flap all exhaust gasses no longer flow through the silencer but directly through a by-pass.

EC type-approved / with TUEV if the flap is closed.
The use of this exhaust on German roads with opened flap is not allowed!

A small wireless remote control in the size of keyring is used to operate the flap.

Important Note!
One of the main features in the development of this exhaust was the EC-type approval (TUEV-certificate), but nethertheless the result should be a sports exhaust that was worth the name "sports".
Having no rear silencer this exhaust system generates a very deep tone which is very well audible in the interior.
It might be too loud for small children on the rear seats

Scope of delivery:
  • stainless steel centre silencer with electro-penumatically operated flap
  • stainless steel H2 rear pipe available in various different tailpipe designs
  • 2 remote controls, control unit, wiring harness, silicone hose and mounting material
  • installation manual
Variant 1
90 mm Classic tailpipes

Variant 2
90 mm Racing tailpipes

Variant 3
102 mm Classic tailpipes

Variant 4
102 mm Racing tailpipes

Variant 5
102 mm DoubleShot tailpipes

Variant 6
2x80 mm Classic tailpipes (only in combination with Novitec or the Cadamuro rear bumper spoiler)

Variant 7
100 mm CarbonShot tailpipes (real carbon, matt surface without clear varnish)

Please choose the version: 
Variant 1
Variant 2 - surcharge 30,00 EUR = 1.469,00 EUR
Variant 3 - surcharge 20,00 EUR = 1.459,00 EUR
Variant 4 - surcharge 60,00 EUR = 1.499,00 EUR
Variant 5 - surcharge 145,00 EUR = 1.584,00 EUR
Variant 6 - surcharge 125,00 EUR = 1.564,00 EUR
Variant 7 - surcharge 260,00 EUR = 1.699,00 EUR

Customer reviews:
Author: Abhishek K.  -  02.10.2018

Got the Variant 3 flap exhaust system.
It is probably the best exhaust for the Giulietta! With the flap closed, there is still an amazing sound at higher RPM. Not too loud in the cabin either and perfect for everyday driving.
With the flap open, it is a beast! Pops and crackles on up shift but loud to drive around inside the city.

The support this time from the team was not that great but and I wished they have better customer service.

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