Ragazzon H2-Line Stainless Steel Sport Rear Silencer

Ragazzon H2-Line Stainless Steel Sport Rear Silencer
Ragazzon H2-Line Stainless Steel Sport Rear Silencer
Ragazzon H2-Line Stainless Steel Sport Rear Silencer
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Products description

Ragazzon stainless steel H2 rear box for all Alfa Romeo Giulietta
Available with 8 different tailpipe versions

This variant is louder and makes a deeper tone than the standard "big" Ragazzon rear silencers.
EC type-approved.

Variant 1
90 mm Classic tailpipes

Variant 2
90 mm Racing tailpipes

Variant 3
102 mm Classic tailpipes

Variant 4
102 mm Racing tailpipes

Variant 5
2x80 mm Classic tailpipes for Novitec or Cadamuro rear bumper spoiler

Variant 6
102 mm Racing Nero tailpipes (matt black painted tailpipes)

Variant 7
100 mm CarbonShot tailpipes (real carbon, matt surface without clear varnish)
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Customer reviews:

Author:  am 13/01/2019     Evaluation:

Couldn't be better. Easy to install (even for the first time doing it), perfect quality and look. Sounds subtle and don't interfere much in daily driving. At higher rpms noticeable "pops and bangs". 1.4 170HP TCT. Everything that I expected and more.

Author:  am 16/01/2018     Evaluation:

the best purchase for my Giulietta. Beautiful sound, perfect quality.
Fast delivery time!
good packaging.

Author:  am 06/05/2015     Evaluation:

Spectacular!! Highly recommended !!

Very good treatment received by Squadra Sportiva

Author:  am 15/01/2015     Evaluation:

Volker et Tim ont été de bon conseil , aimables et patients
pour m\'aider à choisir ; Tim qui parle un trés bon français m\'a parfaitement
conseillé et beaucoup aidé. Le colis est trés bien protégé .
La livraison est trés correcte le seul problème et que DPD ne previent
pas de la date de livraison : quel jour et si c\'est le matin ou l\'aprés midi ?
Quand même merci et félicitations
jj Payan

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