Selènia DigiteK 0W40

Selènia DigiteK 0W40
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Products description

1 litre (35.19 fl.oz.) engine oil Selènia DigiteK 0W40

Selenia Digitek 0W-40 is the new fully synthetic lubricant with high performances formulated for petrol last generation engines (Euro 6 standards), but also backward compatible with previous engines generations.
The new Selenia Digitek 0W-40 assures best protection of the engine from wear and tear, particularly for those with high power and this in all driving conditions.
This new Selenia oil indeed exceeds the new standard of the API SN specification.

The combination of synthetic base oils and a perfectly balanced additive technology allows the minimisation of deposits creation on the pistons and the achievement of advanced fuel economy characteristics.
Thanks to SAE 0W40 grades this new Selenia oil assures an immediate lubrication effect and guarantees a better start of the engine, this also within extremely cold weather conditions.

Technical data
Approvals: FIAT 9.55535-Z2, Contractual Technical Reference N. F155.G15

Alfa Romeo's recommendation for the following engines / model series:
  • 2.9 V6 TB Quadrifoglio in Alfa Giulia 952 until VIN 7581687
    necessary quantity for one oil service about 7,0 litres
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