Alfa Giulia Q4 Floormat Set 'Lusso'

Alfa Giulia Q4 Floormat Set Lusso
Alfa Giulia Q4 Floormat Set Lusso
Alfa Giulia Q4 Floormat Set Lusso
Alfa Giulia Q4 Floormat Set Lusso
Alfa Giulia Q4 Floormat Set Lusso
Alfa Giulia Q4 Floormat Set Lusso
Alfa Giulia Q4 Floormat Set Lusso
Alfa Giulia Q4 Floormat Set Lusso
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For Alfa Giulia series 952 with all-wheel drive Q4
Not suitable for cars with 2WD / rear wheel drive
Improved design and attachment compared to the OE Alfa floormats

Made of black, very thick and soft velours
Black border made of Nubuk-style leatherette with red stitching
With coloured Alfa Romeo badges (new design from 2015 on) on the front mats
With special fasteners on the back side of the front mats
Additional mounting eyelets on the upper side of the passenger side front mat (exactly the same method as Alfa uses for their OE passenger floormat)
The set consists of 4 pieces
Only available for left hand drive Alfas

The factory fitted floormats for the front footwells cannot really convince concerning fit and attachment to the floor carpet. They were obviously designed for a manual transmission Giulia (meaning with clutch pedal) and therefor do not really fit to the footwells of the automatic transmission models (where the gap between footrest and gas pedal is smaller than at a "three-pedal" manual transmission car).

The floormats set we have developped covers the max. possible surface of the front footwells.
The floormats end in between the rails of the front seats and also cover a significantly larger surface of the driver's footwell arround the pedal area.
"Long legged" drivers (where the driver's seat is completely pushed back) so no longer step directly on the floor carpet when getting in the car because of a too short OE floormat design. In addition dirt can no longer fall that easily from the borders of the floormat on the floor carpet (as usual with the OE floormats).
Note that the gap between footrest and gas pedal depends on the year construction since the width of the footrest differs. These floormats will fit to all models. Nethertherless there will be a small gap between floor mat and footrest / gas pedal when used in a Giulia with black plastic footrest (since the metal footrest of the earlier models is a little bit wider than the standard plastic one).

Another anoying problem is also cured by this floormats set: the attachment of the floormats with a velcro fastener on the floor carpet.
The Giulia comes with factory fitted plastic velcro fasteners in the floor carpet (which are a kind of giant screw with a rough surface which are kept in place by a large nut which is screwed to the fastener from the bottom side of the floor carpet).
Who regularily removes the front OE floor mats of the Giulia to clean them outside of the car might have already noticed that the velcro fasteners in the floor carpet tend to break loose after only a few months. In addition the furry side of the velcro which is glued to the floormat looses its grip after a few years and the complete system becomes ineffective.
Our floormats have a rough, rubberized bottom side which itself already assures that the floormat will remain in its position. In addition two fasteners will keep the floormat in place. These fasteners come with a drilling-screw which allows it to easily screw them into the floor carpet. The factory-fitted velcro fasteners no longer have to be used.

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