Brembo Brake Disc Set 'Xtra' - Front

Brembo Brake Disc Set Xtra - Front
Brembo Brake Disc Set Xtra - Front
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The Brembo Xtra brake discs are characterised by special drillings which combine the appealing aesthetic effect with
brilliant performance and effective braking in all conditions.
The sporty look of Brembo Xtra, enhanced by black metallic UV coating, is combined with the guarantee of maximum reliability in terms of durability, performance and safety.

The holes produce a scraping effect that cleans the surface of the pad from hazardous material deposits,
thus preventing that even the slightest amount of ferrous material – that comes from brake disc wear - can
sediment on the friction material of the brake pad.
In addition the holes serve to prevent that a water film that may form on the braking surface when
it is raining might influence the performance and reaction time of the brake system. Therefore even when driving on wet roads the brake system responds effectively already at the first braking.
Attention, none of the holes are completey bored through.

Brembo Xtra discs are ECE 90-homologated, it is not necessary to carry any certificates in the car.

This disc is intended to be used in conjunction with standart or "mild" sport brake pads (e.g. EBC Greenstuff).

Not even the best disc is invulnerable.
To run the brakes in please read the enclosed papers before setting off on your first journey with your new discs.
Never park your car after a hefty drive "down the road", they will distort, always do a "cooling run" so that the discs can cool sufficiently before packing up for the night.

These Xtra discs are no high carbon discs.
The price is per set (2 pieces).

Currently only available as 305 x 28x 44.5 mm version for Giulias with up to 200 bhp.
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