Wiechers Strut Bar

Wiechers Strut Bar
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Product: 48402-48403

Products description

Steel duplex strut bar for all Alfa Spider and GTV 916
for front axle
in one piece
please choose either the 4 or 6 cylinder version, thanks
Please choose the engine type
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Customer reviews:

Author:  am 29/02/2012     Evaluation:

Got mine after a short delay. Has really stiffened up the front end.
Feels like driving a new car. Delighted with it.
My only criticism is, why didn\'t Alfa fit one as standard on a Spider..!

Author:  am 20/08/2009     Evaluation:

This bar has really stiffened the front end of my 2.0L Spider with a very noticeable difference. Understeer has been eliminated and the car feels planted and tighter through the corners. The best value for money investment you could buy.