Wiechers Aluminium Strut Bar

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Wiechers Aluminium Strut Bar

Aluminium duplex strut bar for all Alfa Spider and GTV 916
for front axle
in one piece
please choose either the 4 or 6 cylinder version, thanks

Please choose the engine type: 
JTS / Twin Spark 16V

Customer reviews:
Author: Dimitris Lyris  -  25.04.2008

Very good product. I fitted it on a Spider TS (1999 model) and all the chassis noises during cornering and when driving over speed bumps or uneven road surfaces dissappeared, it also made the ride smoother. Now the negative staff. The scrue to the right side in the middle it is very difficult to scrue it properly, not enough space to use the 13 tool. Due to the fact that it is bend it hits against the hood a little but enough so that when looking the car from the front it seems that the hood is not closed properly. The hood does close properly!

Author: Carla Sara  -  07.09.2006

Hi Alfa Gtv&Spider fans!!
This is a VERY VERY GOOD PRODUCT!! Easy to install, engine internal layout OK!! Furthermore it's a nice piece to see!!
Buy it, this is the thrue!! Bye from Tenerone Italy
(see the product ---> www.webalice.it/ezagatti/AMBRA_le_foto_(3).html)

Author: Emanuele Paolo Zagatti  -  19.01.2005

Molto ben costruita, resta solo da verificare la montabilita' sui duomi del 2.0 TS e gli ingombri motore, a vedere la foto si direbbe che OK!

Author: Emanuele Paolo Zagatti  -  19.01.2005

I would like to know if it's Ok for Spider 2.0 TS M.Y.2002 !
Thank you very much.
King regards.

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