Brembo Brake Disc Set - Rear

Brembo Brake Disc Set - Rear
39,99 EUR
20,00 EUR per piece
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Product: R545-290
MPN: 08.5085.21

Products description

High-quality brake disc set from the leading producer of aftermarkt brake discs and drums in Europe.

Brembo coated discs are protected by a special anti-corrosion coating on the hat and outer rim of the rotor which preserves the original visual appearance and functional characteristics, while also saving time during installation as the disc no longer requires cleaning and degreasing.

These "Easy Check" discs feature two holes on the braking surface of the rotor, which indicate two different levels of wear and allow the state of wear of the disc to be checked at a glance. When both of these holes are no longer visible, the disc has reached its minimum permissible thickness and must be replaced.

The price and the surcharges are per set (2 pieces).

Suitable for all models
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Shipping time: 5-60 W/days
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