Ragazzon Stainless Steel Rear Silencer 2x80

Ragazzon Stainless Steel Rear Silencer 2x80
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Product: 32124 / 32124V
Model: Alfa GT

Products description

For all Alfa GT
Stainless steel rear sports silencer with 2x80 mm diameter tailpipes
Incl. EWG-certification
Article may vary in shape!
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Customer reviews:

 am 03/11/2020     Evaluation:

Excellent product. Quality is great. Looks really nice compared to the stock silencer, the tips are larger and there is less of the silencer visible. Lovely sound all around, I am especially liking the louder and deeper idle tone. The sound gets slightly louder than stock to the cabin, but it's still nowhere near disturbing. (I have a 3.2 v6, with the stock center silencer) Fitting was easy, after I had a fight with removing the stock one. Only nitpick I have is that the package was missing the nut for the band. The bolt was still there, so finding a fitting nut wasn't a big problem for me.

 am 21/08/2013     Evaluation:

Beautifully unit. Excellent quality and a perfect fit. Used this unit with the Ragazzon centre silencer. Sound at idle is slightly louder than stock setup and slightly deeper tone with a hint of crispiness. Lovely sound at higher revs without being intrusive.