Eibach-Bilstein Suspension Kit "Sportiva"

Eibach-Bilstein Suspension Kit Sportiva
849,00 EUR
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Product: 43517 / 43518
Model: Alfa Brera

Products description

Suspension kit for Alfa Brera and Spider (series 939), consisting of:
  • Eibach ProKit spring kit (lowering by about 25-30 mm)
  • Bilstein B6 Sport shock absorbers for the front axle and for the rear axle
The ideal combination for the daily use in your Alfa Brera / Spider: Eibach ProKit springs with progressive and tauter spring characteristic and Bilstein B6 gas pressure monotube sport shock absorbers with 15-20% taughter characteristic than the original shock absorbers.
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Customer reviews:

 am 23/12/2016     Evaluation:

Both of my Rear springs had snapped on my 10 year old Brera 3.2 Q4, the ProKit was already cheaper than replacing with OEM springs and I reckoned after 10 years the dampeners might as well be replaced at the same time before they started to leak. This kit does not disappoint, not only is body roll kept extremely tight but this kit is significantly more comfortable than the stock suspension setup even with lower arm and adjustable upper arm polybushes! I can highly recommend the Sportiva kit to any and all as an all round setup 5*