Inlay For Key Cover 'Carbon'

Inlay For Key Cover Carbon
Inlay For Key Cover Carbon
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Product: 10204-10205

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For all Alfa 159 and Brera / Spider 939
Structured, high quality 3D-foil in carbon-look design
Intended to be glued into the scudetto shaped indentation of the key

Available in red or silver

Mounting instructions:
1. Clean the key thoroughly.
2. Place the cover on the key - it is easily removeable to reposition it.
3. Put the cover into shape and activate the glue by using a hair dryer (hot air).
4. After the glue on the rear side of the cover has once become hot, it is impossible to correct the position of the cover on the key. If necessary, the foil can be removed (but then cannot be applied for a second time).
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Customer reviews:

 am 29/03/2013     Evaluation:

very good cover carbon