Alfa 4C Rim Set Black Forged

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Alfa 4C Rim Set Black Forged
Alfa 4C Rim Set Black Forged
Alfa 4C Rim Set Black Forged

Forged ultra lightweight motorsport alloy rim set - specially made and optimized for the Alfa Romeo 4C
The high quality rims are made in the UK and come with a 5/98 PCD and a 58,1mm center borehole, center rings or adapter bolts will not be needed!
The optimized offset will enlarge the track width and so you will get a much more better look (the wheels are not sunken in the wheel house like the OE wheels are).
The rims come with light weight tuner bolts and as well an AF17 (metric) fitting key and approval certificate which is needed in some European countries.
The special bolts have also a theft protection function.
The 17/18" wheel combination delivers a distinctly sporty driving experience with a little bit more comfort compared to the 18/19" combination.
In addition there are a lot semi-slicks available for this size.
Fitting tire sizes are for example: 215/45/17 or 225/40/17 for the front and 265/35/18 for the rear axle.

The forged rim set contains:
  • 2 pieces 7,5x17" with 26mm offset for the front
  • 2 pieces 10x18" with 35mm offset for the rear
  • 4 pieces centre cap
  • 1 piece key adapter for tuner bolts for AF17 nut
  • 20 pieces tuner bolts
  • Motorsport wheels without TUEV-certificate!

7,5x17" ET26: 7,16 kg / 15 lb / 12.562 oz
10x18" ET35: 8,96 kg / 19 lb / 12.055 oz

Important note:
If you compare weights of rims you have to consider the diameter, width, offset and maybe also needed adapters, center rings, spacers.
A lot of manufacturers only supply the best weight with a very large offset and not the individual weight for a specific rim offset. This can make a difference of up to 1kg (2,2 lb) per rim.
The width of a rim is not only a question of the optics, a good balance between the width of rim and tyre offer a better handling, this is an advantage which also should be considered carefully.

It is also possible to fit 5mm spacers without any bodywork changes if you want the maximum offset (but we do not recommend this because it would affect the handling. In addition it could cause damage to the paintwork to your 4C due to flying stones, grit and dirt). 5mm spacers are also available from our stock.

Don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone for further information or advice: +49 4561 525310

Alfa 4C (960) OE-rim details
7,0x17" ET 33 mm, ca 7,9 kg / 17,417 lb
8,0x18" ET 44 mm, ca 9,6 kg / 21,164 lb

7,0x18" ET 33 mm, ca 9,24 kg / 20,3707 lb
8,5x19" ET 49 mm, ca 10,96 kg / 24,1627 lb

Please choose the colour of the bolts below, the rims are available only in black as shown on the pictures.

Please choose the color: 


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