Master Battery Switch / Cut Off

Master Battery Switch / Cut Off
Master Battery Switch / Cut Off
Master Battery Switch / Cut Off
Master Battery Switch / Cut Off
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Battery-terminal clamp adaptor.
Can be mounted on nearly every standard European-desgin battery negative pole.
This useful adapter offers three advantages.
  • The battery will be isolated from the car's wiring loom by loosening the big green screw by only one turn. Electric consumers as radios, cd-changers or the ECUs of more modern cars cannot empty the battery anymore when the car is only seldomly used. Thie makes this battery switch the ideal choice for Spiders and vintage cars which are not in use for weeks.
  • In addtion, this adapter can be used as a simple and effective immobilizer. Unscrew the the green screw completely and take it with you when leaving the car. A potential thief will not be able to start the engine before removing the adapter and mounting the original pole clamp. Too much work and effort for most thieves.
  • The original battery-terminal clamps of older cars whose batteries have already been disconnected for many, many times often do not fit anymore properly. The battery-terminal clamp has a conical mount so that even worn.out original battery-terminal clamps will find a secure grip on it.

Attention: the memory of most radios will get lost von cutting of the currency from your car. This means you will have to re-adjust the FM stations and settings and you may need your radio code.

Dimensions: length 8,5 cm, width 3,5 cm, height 3,5 cm.

Not suitable for Giulia 952 and Stelvio and cars with intelligent battery pole (start&stopp)
Shipping time: 5-60 W/days
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