Digital Frequency Converter (For Speedometers)

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Digital Frequency Converter (For Speedometers)

The frequency converter can be used to adapt the speed signal.
This can be necessary when e.g. wheels are used which have a much larger or smaller rolling circumference
than originally mounted on the car. Without a converter the speedometer would now show
either a higher speed than the car acutally has or it would show a lower speed than the car is actually making.

Another use for this converter is the adaptation of a mph speedometer so that it shows kph instead of mph.
In addition it can be used to convert a revolution (rpm) signal.
This can be necessary when a rev counter which was actually intended to be used with a four cylinder engine
is used together with a six cylinder engine (have a look at our 145 GTA project).
It also works vice a versa: the converter can also be used to use a six cylinder rev counter together with a four cylinder engine.
(You can also choose a cheaper version of this converter if you only want to convert a revolution signal.)

The converter has to be soldered into the speedometer's wiring harness.
It can be adjusted in steps of 1 % with the use of three tap switches.
The modulation from input frequency to output frequency can be adjusted between 5 % and 900 %.
An adjustment while the converter is already installed in the car is possible without difficulties.

Technical data:
Power supply: 9-16 V
Quiescent current: 4.6 mA at 13.8 volts supply
Input signal: suare wave signal of max. 5 volts, maximum 2,5 kHz
Output signal: square wave signal of 10 volts, a maximum of 13.1 volts, a maximum of 2.5 kHz

(This frequency converter can not be used to manipulate the milage of your car.)


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