Selènia StAR 5W40

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Selènia StAR 5W40

5 litres (175.95 fl.oz.) engine oil Selènia StAR 5W40

Selènia StAR is a high performance lubricant designed to protect the engine also under the conditions of high termal stress generated by a sporty driving style. Its unique formula maximises the features of engines with a high specific power, improves cold starting and keeps viscosity constant throughout the interval between changes.
It grants maximum performances to Alfa Romeo JTS direct injection engines. Its special anti- wear additiv, developed by FL's experience with Alfa Romeo in competitions, maximizes protection even with a thin lubricant film. Thanks to E.S.T. (Extremely Stable Technology) formula, Selènia StAR exceeds Fiat 9.55535-H2 omologation,created for lubricants that grant maximum performance and specific high temperature viscosity. This unique formula presents extreme shear stability and maintains stable viscosity level, offering maximal protection to high specific power engines.
SelèniaStAR exceeds the new international API SM specification that grants:
  • maximum oxidation resistance
  • extreme protection from deposits
  • high performances at high temperatures
Technical data

Alfa Romeo's recommendation for the following engines / model series:
  • 1.8 MPI 16V in Alfa 159
    necessary quantity for one oil service about 4,5 litres
  • 1.9 JTS 16V / 2.2 JTS 16V in Alfa 159, Brera and Spider 939
    necessary quantity for one oil service about 5,4 litres
  • 3.2 V6 JTS 24V in Alfa 159, Brera and Spider 939
    necessary quantity for one oil service about 5,9 litres


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