Petronas Tutela Transmission Multiaxle 75W85

Petronas Tutela Transmission Multiaxle 75W85
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1 litre (35.19 fl.oz.) gearbox oil Petronas Transmission Multiaxle 75W85 GL5
For the PTU - (Power Transfer Unit) and the rear differential of 159, Brera and Spider 939 with all-wheel-drive Q4.
Fully synthetic lubricant, specially formulated for passenger cars differentials which require the API GL 5 specification.

  • the special additive technology garantees the perfect protection of the differential also at extreme temperatures
  • with fuel economy properties
  • avoids overheating and noises
Technical data
SAE 75W85, API GL5

Alfa Romeo's recommendation for the following cars:
  • 159 / Brera Spider 939 2.4 JTDM 20V and 3.2 V6 JTS 24V Q4,
    necessary quantity for one PTU / transfer case oil service about 0,6 litres
  • necessary quantity for one rear differential oil service about 0,75 litres
The two aggregates will no longer need a regular oil service if you believe Alfa Romeo's maintanance plan.
The oil which is filled into the two aggregates during the production of the car is considered to be a "lifetime filling".
Nethertheless it is recommended to replace the oil after about every 80.000 km to remove all the abrasion which accrues during normal use.
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