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Novitec GP1
Novitec GP1
Novitec GP1
Novitec GP1
Novitec GP1
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Novitec GP1 additional module for a more direct response of your Alfa's engine.
Just plug it in, no soldering required, even a layman can mount and dismount the auxiliary control unit.

Functions and Results
Modern vehicles are frequently equipped with an electronic accelerator pedal which signals the pedal position as an electronic impulse to the engine control unit. The ECM then directly controls the throttle and the quantity of fuel which is injeceted.
In order to meet the increasingly stringent emission limits and to realize low fuel consumption for the standard tests by the manufacturers, they always use the "sluggish" characteristics programme. No matter how the driver steps on the accelerator, he/she will never be able to circumvent the manufacturers "damping" programming.

This is where the Novitec GP1 comes into play. It optimizes the accelerator pedal signal so that the engine control unit is forced to conform to another control function.
By means of this optimization that "dampening effect" will vanish and the GP1 achieves a more direct and faster response.
The car now reacts more lively and is a lot more fun to drive, and even feels as if it has more power.

However the GP1 is not an engine tuning, the operation is comparable with the DNA switch.
Even if it does feel like an increase in engine performance, the GP1 will not raise the engine's power output.
Nethertheless, the GP1 can be used in combination with the Novitec Powerjet 3 (for TB / TBi engines) and Powerrail 5 (for JTD engines) - they harmonize perfectly with the GP1.
Since there is no increase in engine performance the GP1 is free from registration and does not need any certificates.

By means of a small switch that is best positioned in the region around the steering column, you can select one of three possible levels.
  • LED glows white: no optimization - serial status
  • LED glows green: by 40 % faster response
  • LED glows red: by 75 % faster response
When you start the car, the middle level is automatically activated.

Just try
The GP1 can be extensively tested for 3 weeks in your own car. If you should not be satisfied you can return the GP1 and get a full refund.

Long-Term Test and Empirical Data
As with all Novitec products, the durability of the product and the car is as usual of top priority. The GP1 has already successfully completed long-term tests over a period of one year on various cars.All vehicles have a noticeable improvement in the response, especially less powerful cars (bhp), and recent models with Euro 5 emission standards.

Our Recommendation
Who never uses the DNA manettino's D-mode, does not need to buy the GP1!
The GP1 is only recommended for drivers who drive almost exclusively in D-mode and where it appears that the accelerator pedal is still to slow to react, especially when starting.
On snow and ice, and especially on wet surfaces we recommend the medium level because otherwise ASR (anti-slip regulation) will be working very often.
For those who are inconclusive: keep the satisfaction guarantee in mind and just give it a try.
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Customer reviews:

Author:  am 19/02/2019     Evaluation:

Very gooood product :-) Pretty nice upgrade for your Giulietta. My 150 ps MA is now on a different level. Much quicker response makes a feel like your car is on a rocket fuel ;-). I'm mechanical layman and abnegate so the straight feelings are the most important to me. And those are fantastic. Despite this, also self-assembly was not a problem for me.
Shop service equals the quality of offered products. I've been speaking with the helpful salesman for about an hour and got total information of the product... Perfect service. Thanks a lot. Next step - Novitec powerjet 3. May the force be with you! ;-)

Author:  am 13/03/2017     Evaluation:

One of the best, safest, and cheapest performance upgrades you can make to your Giulietta.

Author:  am 11/10/2016     Evaluation:

Actually does make a better response from the accelerator. Very noticeable difference if you switch the lever to higher setting. I have mine on setting 8. It also works very well with the normal mode as well :) Would recommend if you want the slushy feel to be gone. On Dynamic it feels very precise and when changing your gear it really helps to spool the turbo quicker and there is no feel for loss of power.

Author:  am 11/07/2016     Evaluation:

What a powerful ! If you own a 159 2.2 jts with the sluggish pedal __ must have !!!

Author:  am 14/09/2015     Evaluation:

Really actually improves throttle response, I have a MiTo TCT.