Leather Gear Boot Cover Nero

Leather Gear Boot Cover Nero
Leather Gear Boot Cover Nero
from 34,99 EUR
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Product: 54115-54114-54118
Model: Alfa 159

Products description

for Alfa 159, Brera & Spider 939
Finest black leather with red, silver or black stitching
Incl. Biscione brand

Delivery without console
Only for LHD series 939: (the boot will fit but the seams will not fit to the console corners).
Please choose the color
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Customer reviews:

Author:  am 01/05/2015     Evaluation:

Great material, great look, suits the rest of the interior well with its red stitching. A bit stiff to get in place, BUT.. be very careful when taking the console apart, the silver coloured frame around the boot is extremely fragile and will easily crack like an boiled egg if put in tension.., and what´s worst if broken, it can not be bought seperately, only included with the boot and panel bit..

Author:  am 18/08/2014     Evaluation:

Great look to it compared to the original. A whole lot of work to get done though...

Author:  am 11/03/2013     Evaluation:

Great material, Great look BUT. Pre-made holes are terrible, to small and not really in right place.. Had to make adjustments.

Author:  am 03/09/2010     Evaluation:

Excellent quality, extraordinary look.

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