Blue&Me Adapter For Apple iPod And iPhone

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Blue&Me Adapter For Apple iPod And iPhone
Blue&Me Adapter For Apple iPod And iPhone

The adaptor allows you to listen to on your iPod or your iPhone stored music with the Blue&Me USB-port. Only needed for older Alfa Romeo Blue&Me systems. Please visit the official Blue&Me website for further information and for updates of your Alfa.
It ensures compatibility with Blue & Me - even with iPods and iPhones which will not allow configuration for extended storage.
In addition the adapter will charge your iPod/iPhone.

  • Plays all audio music titles which are stored with iTunes on your iPod/iPhone. Even DRM copy-protected songs.
  • No long indexing-time, even with a 64GB storage.
  • Charge up the iPod/iPhone by the USB-port.
  • Handling by the steering wheel keys, not by the iPod/iPhone.
  • All song details are shown on the radio-display.
  • All operations are shown in the cockpit-display.

Blue&Me version 5.4 or newer
official Blue&Me update website
Attention: Please note that there are two different systems available: Blue&Me and Blue&Me NAV!
Updates are also available at your local Alfa/Fiat dealer/garage.
One of the following Apple iPod/iPhone (only audio!):
iPhone, iPod, iPod touch, iPod classic, ipod video, iPod Nano, iPod with color display, iPod mini with color display, iPod with dock connector, iPod with click wheel

Connect the iPod/iPhone by the USB-cable (not enclosed!) with the adapter.
After you plugged in the adapter into the Blue&Me port of your Alfa, you can directly play the music by the Blue&Me media player (without a long indexing time as known with USB-sticks).
The display of the iPod/iPhone shows that you connected your Apple to another device, you only can use the Apple by the Blue&Me system (incl. telephone).
By the "Media-Player" menue you have the following options:
  • Random play for all or single songs
  • Play single song
  • Play albums
  • Play Artists
  • Play Genre
  • Play (iTunes) playlists
  • Repeat song/album

There are no alternatives available to the Blue&Me stick (the newer cars did not need the stick! Please make an upgrade to test if you need this stick first!). But you can change the radio in the car to a new one which support Apple phones or Apple CarPlay). You also can buy a 12V USB adaptor and an USB-Stick if you only would like to charge your phone and play the music.

ATTENTION: Online streaming is NOT possible with this adapter!!!


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