PU Suspension Bushes Set Rear Axle

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PU Suspension Bushes Set Rear Axle
PU Suspension Bushes Set Rear Axle

PU suspension bushes for all Alfa 147, 156 en GT (incl. GTA).
12 polyurethan-bushes for the rear axle:
  • 4 bushes for the front suspension arms (pos. 4)
  • 4 bushes for the rear suspension arms (pos. 5)
  • optionally: 2 bushes rear tie bar to hub (pos. 6)
  • optionally: 2 bushes for the trailing arms (pos. 25)
(Have a look at the sketch.)

Polyurethane (PU) bushes are about 30 % harder than OEM rubber bushes used which are used by the car industry. A suspension which is equipped with PU bushes will give a much more responsive handling. The PU-bushes do not age while OEM rubber bushes get softer with the time which makes the car's handling worse and can set the axle's geometry the wrong way. This then results in increased tyre wear.

PU-bushes can save a lot of money as they are cheaper than a complete new wishbone. Alfa Romeo often does not sell the bushes as single items and forces the buyer to order a complete wishbone.

We do not want to keep secret that PU-bushes reduce the ride comfort of your Alfa. They send all those humps and bumps more directly to the chassis than standard rubber bushes. We recommend PU-bushes only for drivers who like a more sporty setup. Because of the bushes' design there could also be a minimal increase in the noise level. Drivers who prefer a more comfortable setup should opt for OEM rubber bushes.

Variant 1
Bushes witout trainling arms (Pos. 4 and 5)

Variant 2
Alle bushes incl. trailing arms (Pos. 4, 5, 6 and 25)

Please choose the version: 
Variant 1
Variant 2 - surcharge 139,00 EUR = 328,00 EUR


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