Petronas Tutela Car Technyx 75W85

Petronas Tutela Car Technyx 75W85
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Products description

1 litre (35.19 fl.oz.) gearbox oil Petronas Tutela Transmission Matryx 75W85 GL4+

  • excellent antiwear properties for optimum protection of the mechanical parts under all lubricating conditions and longer component life
  • suitable for manual transmissions of all-wheel-drive cars
  • with special EP and anti-wear additives for an excellent adhesion of the lubricant film for a maximal saftey for all mechanical components under all circumstances also intended to reduce gearbox noises
  • fuel economy characteristics which by attenuating internal system friction allows a reduction of fuel consumption
  • fully synthetic formula for exellent heat and oxidation stability
  • compatible with the materials used in seals
Technical data
SAE 75W85, API GL4 Plus
Approvals: FIAT 9.55550-MX3 CONTRACTUAL TECHNICAL REFERENCE N°F010.B05Alfa Romeo's recommendation for the following cars:
  • 166 3.2 V6 24V
    necessary quantity for one oil service about 2,0 litres
  • GT - all models
    necessary quantity for one oil service about 2,0 litres
  • Crosswagon Q4 / Sportwagon Q4
    necessary quantity for one gearbox and centre differential oil service about 3,2 litres
Most of the above mentioned cars will no longer need a regular gearbox oil service if you believe Alfa Romeo's maintanance plan.
The gearbox oil which is filled into the gearbox during the production of the car is considered to be a "lifetime filling".
Nethertheless it is recommended to replace the gearbox oil after about every 80.000 km to remove all the abrasion which accrues during normal use.
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