Brembo Brake System 305x28

Brembo Brake System 305x28
Brembo Brake System 305x28
Brembo Brake System 305x28
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Product: 45481_156
MPN: 1A45005A2
Model: Alfa 156

Products description

For all Alfa 156 (not for GTA and Crosswagon)
This is a complete set with all the necessary components tp upgrade the 156's front brake system
  • Brembo 4 piston brake calipers with anodised aluminium brackets
  • one piece, high carbon iron cast 305 x 28 mm ventilated brake discs
  • high performance (road spec) brake pads
  • braided stainless steel brake pipes
Requires 7,5 x 17" or larger rims!

The advantages:
  • Improved braking power thanks to larger pistons
  • Discs have a longer livetime due to the special high carbon steel and tempering treatment, and the perfectly designed brake disc cooling system
  • Reduction in performance through fading and heat are kept to a minimum
  • Cracks are kept to a minimum because the holes are cast and not drilled
  • Optimal braking in rainy conditions, thanks to the perforated discs
  • More braking performance thanks to a larger pad surface
  • Optimal hot and cold performance due to a special pad material
  • More brake pressure thanks to the stainless steel PFTE brake pipes with a Teflon core
Incl. German TUEV-certificate
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Customer reviews:

Author:  am 11/07/2011     Evaluation:

After I disconnected the oxygen mask from my bank account, my car actually stops! (who knew?)
The 2.5v6 (type 1) brakes are a disgrace to Alfa, really dangerous, I nearly totalled nearly four times without even driving fast.
I don\'t know about twin sparks, but on the highway you could really notice that the standard 284mm discs are really not up to the task on a v6, let alone after I tuned mine.
I opted for this set and I am not sorry, Brembo is not the top brand for nothing, I\'ll tell you.
The best quality and I have more trust in the delivered mounting brackets than other OEM versions.
The car now really STOPS.

Oh yeah, you really need 17\" rims to get them around these brakes! Even not all fit (if you have an irregular shape rim). A question of taste, but I put aftermarket 17\" GTA rims on mine.

Plus points:
-the best quality
-pure stopping power
-high standard engineering
-complete set with trustworthy mounting brackets and braided hoses

Minus points:
-price (but it\'s not like other GOOD sets are really a lot cheaper, if you ask me)
-you need 17\" rims (check! this shop knows it stuff)

Conclusion: if your Alfa goes like #$%&, save up and buy these before it\'s too late!

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