Wheel Spacer 2x 15 mm Incl. Wheel Bolts

Wheel Spacer 2x 15 mm Incl. Wheel Bolts
Wheel Spacer 2x 15 mm Incl. Wheel Bolts
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Aluminium wheel spacer set (2x 15 mm = 30 mm toe widening).
Incl. wheel bolts.
Incl. German TUEV-certificate.
Also available with pitch circle adapter bolts (e.g. for rims with 5/100).

Please note the shank length of the original wheel bolts in the order form!
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Customer reviews:

Author:  am 03/11/2020     Evaluation:

Excellent product. Bought 2 sets of these to mount them on each wheel. Quality seems really nice, there isn't any noticeable play to the wheel or to the hub. The stance is perfect on my GT with GTA Teledials now, the wheels don't disappear inside the arches and the offset looks like what it should have been from the factory.

I recommend applying some grease to the backside of the spacers. This way they will be much easier to remove. I had to fight a little to get them loose after a couple of months, but after applying some grease they will pretty much fall off when you take off the wheel. Also cleaning the mounting surfaces will ensure the spacers fit well and will come off easily.

Author:  am 17/02/2015     Evaluation:

Bought 2 sets of these, 15mm to each wheel on my 147 GTA. Easy to fit, took 10 minutes a corner. The stances is transformed, just what the car always needed.

Longer bolts reassure my safety, and it appears to have better lateral grip in bends.

Overall very pleased!

Author:  am 14/11/2011     Evaluation:

I fitted these to my 2005 156 JTD M-Jet Sport yesterday before a 50 mile drive on mixed road types and I am extremely pleased with the result. The car is transformed, itfeels smoother, the traction control throttles the power less often which implies that I have better grip. The car feels more stable to the extent that I\'m wondering why these are not standard fit or an Alfa option part. Besides the performance, they also set off the look of the car filling the arches flush with the tyres. I will add feedback when I pair these items with the Eibach Pro Kit springs though I suspect that cars lower than 40mm would need 12mm spacers for clearance anyway. It took an hour to fit all four spacers with the boot tools including greasing and cleaning up. The bolts provided actually thread further into the hub than the standard ones without coming through the other side. The product appears to be of high quality materials and manufacture.

I spent a week negotiating my purchase with the friendly, polite and helpful staff at alfisti.net. Service and postage were efficient and prompt.

Author:  am 19/09/2010     Evaluation:

Je suis en Alfa GT en 5x98,et ces élargisseurs de voie sont pour des jantes en 5x100 qui possèdent déjà des bagues de centrage.