Wheel Spacer 2x 12 mm Incl. Wheel Bolts

Wheel Spacer 2x 12 mm Incl. Wheel Bolts
Wheel Spacer 2x 12 mm Incl. Wheel Bolts
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Aluminium wheel spacer set (2x 12 mm = 24 mm toe widening).
Incl. wheel bolts.
Incl. German TUEV-certificate.
Also available with pitch circle adapter bolts (e.g. for rims with 5/100).
Please note: You may have to remove the grease caps of the hub or shorten the hub to fit the spacers. If you do not wish to do so, choose 15 mm spacers there will then be no problem with the caps!
15mm spacers have also more material to the center ring, so they did not shear off so easy like at 10 or 12mm spacers. Please ask for advice!

Please note the shank length of the original wheel bolts in the order form!
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Customer reviews:

Author:  am 25/08/2013     Evaluation:

Hočem preiskusit zaradi izgleda

Author:  am 18/12/2012     Evaluation:

Amazing kit. Fitting was nice and neat. Bolts were perfect and the whole effect is better. Thanks !