Wiechers Steel Strut Bar

Wiechers Steel Strut Bar
122,00 EUR
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Product: 48404
Model: Alfa 147

Products description

Red, one-piece steel strut bar
Suitable for all Alfa 147 (incl. GTA)

For the front suspension
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Customer reviews:

Author:  am 27/08/2015     Evaluation:

Fit perfect on my 147 fecelift. In cornering a completely different car. Shock absorbers began to work better. Recommend.

Author:  am 27/03/2015     Evaluation:

Buying from this place a real pleasure. Communication works well, advice is honest and knowledgable and shipping is fantastically fast. Great job!
WRT the product itself, the steel bar is heavy, but affordable. The effect is noticeable, but you can not expect miracles. Stiffens up the front nicely. If you enjoy beautiful bends and turns over mindless speeding, then this is for you. It just makes those beautiful but bumpy roads up the hill a tad more fun to drive. The 147 is a reasonably stiff car, but at least with harder suspension, it makes it even a bit more fun.
Tip: have a rasp and flat file handy to possibly widen the holes a tad, and file the joints between the bar and the mounts plane (at least get rid of the paint) then tighten with correct torque. With the surfaces plane and just a little roughened, the joints will end up much stiffer.

Author:  am 19/09/2012     Evaluation:

Perfect fit, just bolt on!

The difference is huge on my Alfa 147 Facelift, the best 89euros ever spent!