Aluminum Engine Guard

Aluminum Engine Guard
Aluminum Engine Guard
Aluminum Engine Guard
Aluminum Engine Guard
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Product: 32610-32613
Model: Alfa 147

Products description

For all Alfa 147 (also 147 GTA).
This stunning laser cut, salt resistant engine guard offers superior protection compared to OEM plastic cover.
The added free height of up to 22 mm at the rear section and up to 40 mm at the front section (depending on the lowering), means no more scraping over speed bumps.
A must with a lowered suspension!
Easy installation - it uses the original bolts and mounting points.
Compatible with lower front brace installations (4 mm spacer required at the two rear mounting points).

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Customer reviews:

Author:  am 27/03/2017     Evaluation:

Alumunium engine gard looks great on 147 Gta.Quality and craftsmanship is awesome and more important guard is light.Highly recomended.....

Author:  am 17/02/2015     Evaluation:

Bought this for my 147 GTA. Prior to my ownership the factory plastic undertray had long been ripped off. My main motive for purchase was therefore to protect the engine components from road grime, rather than increase ground clearance. By fitting this tray I reduced my ground clearance compared to running with no tray at all, and on stock suspension over bumpy country roads it used to ground out quite a lot with a bone shuddering metal on tarmac scrape! Now I have fitted Eibach Pro Street-S coilovers and despite the car being lower, the stiffer shocks mean it grounds out even less than before. Should last the test of time if I don\'t hit any more bumps.

Author:  am 18/11/2013     Evaluation:

it\' ok very nice

Author:  am 11/10/2010     Evaluation:

j\'ai acheté ce cache pour ma gta, et c\'est mieux que celui en plastique d\'origine, mais on ne gagne rien en hauteur ça touche autant qu\'avant...

Author:  am 01/09/2009     Evaluation:

in my opinion is a necessary thing for any car

Author:  am 08/11/2005     Evaluation:

I bought it for my 147 GTA. Very very good part. If you have lowered car you MUST have this. About 4 cm higher in the lowest point. Very easy to install. No need of mechanic. Works well even with most other aftermarket bumpers (ex. FM Evo...).